An Open Letter to Parents of Young Children Who Stutter:

You are not alone. Your little one is not alone. I've seen first hand the challenges, heartache and stress that accompany a young child who stutters. My son started stuttering when his first little brother was born. Many told me it would pass naturally. Then his second little brother was born. The "um, um, um, ums" and "m-m-m-m-m-mommy" turned into a constant stream of broken words and jerky sentences. My little man, a little guy who started speaking in two- and three-word phrases well before the age of one and who always had such complex thoughts and conversations for his age, was starting to quickly retreat. He would roll his eyes up and stomp out of frustration - the words that once easily flowed from his brain to his sweet mouth now trapped in limbo. People told me that it would pass - it didn't.

When he said that talking was "hard and embarrassing" in his first session with Adriana, I crumbled inside. Why weren't all of the people who told me that the "preschool stutter would pass naturally" right?

My little boy has been an overachiever since day one - he is Type A to the core and a perfectionist at heart. And this new struggle getting out his words was one that had the potential to change his entire life. My father still stutters when frustrated/mad. I have seen how cruel kids (and adults) can be. I was petrified. His entire future could be shaped by if/how he spoke. I struggled with the right timing/approach, tried all of the tips and tricks that I found online and through a friend who was a speech therapist.

When it became clear that my little superstar was still struggling (and he was finally noticing that speaking was harder for him than others), I looked for the best of the best. My friend recommended finding a fluency specialist who had experience with young children. I found Adriana. She changed my little boy's life.

A few months with Adriana transformed my son - he is able to communicate smoothly and without hesitation. He overcomes any potential stumbling blocks on his own without cues or reminders and has plenty to say ... all of the time. The little man I was so fearful would retreat into his own complex mind now shares his daily stories with me freely. I am so glad that we invested in a focused stuttering program. I am overwhelmed with pride every time he manages to speak smoothly (even when excited or angry) all on his own. The trophy he earned still sits on our mantle, and he proudly tells everyone who visits how he earned it for being super smoothie.

I've seen what stuttering can do to someone and know Adriana changed the course of my son's life. I can't thank her enough and encourage you to think about the difference she might be able to make in your child's life.


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