Telepractice Stuttering Treatment

Ms. DiGrande sees all clients via telepractice. Telepractice services include consultations, evaluations, individual treatment, and small group Refresher Programs for former New England Fluency Therapy Program participants.

She is licensed to provide telepractice services to clients residing in Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Maine.

Stuttering Services

Please note that all consultations, evaluations, and individual treatment are provided remotely, via telepractice.

Adriana's services include evaluation and individual therapy for adults, teens and school aged children. She also offers clinical consultations to parents of very young children, ages 2 – 4.



"I’ve been working with Ms. Adriana for a few years now and she has helped me a lot with my speech. I now feel more confident reading in front of my class. I used to stutter on most words in a sentence, now I rarely stutter on words and when I do I use my tools that Ms. Adriana taught me. One of those tools is the pull-out method. This tool helps me to stop and slow down so that my speech is much smoother. For kids out there like me, remember to always say what you want to say even if it comes out bumpy- as Ms. Adriana would say, that’s okay, just remember your tools. Ms. Adriana is fun to work with and has the best speech games. "

- From Jackson